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Now Shop Factory Repair Manuals On Facebook

Now Shop Factory Repair Manuals On Facebook

Now you can view and purchase our entire inventory on Facebook!

We are very excited to announce that we have placed our complete and extensive library on our Facebook Page at Repair Manuals

Now you can sit back, kick your shoes off and shop in the comfort of your own Facebook zone

Are you looking to restore an old classic? Or maybe looking to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on expensive repair costs? Or do you just want a fresh set of factory shop manuals displayed on the shelves of your garage... right next to your prized vehicle?

Whatever it is, we have it at

To show you our appreciation for visiting our Facebook page we would like to make it even easier for you to own your own set of manuals.

Visit our Facebook store and Like us for $5 off all items over $50 - just use the following code: FACE5. 

Spend $100 or more (and Like us) and get $10 off any item using this code: FACE10.

Thank you from all of us at Factory Repair Manuals!

May 27th 2016 FRM Staff

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